Queen Foss’s Daughter Says Former Coal Chamber Bassist Is Not Missing

Earlier this week, that was known to be original Coal Chamber bassist Queen Foss reported missing back in September. Today, her daughter, Kayla Rose, is correcting the record, revealing that her mother is not missing and that she spoke to her mother “just yesterday.”

On Sept. 13, local Fox TV affiliate WVUE posted that Foss was reported missing on Sept. 7 at a manager at the group’s home in New Orleans where the musician apparently lives. The report went unnoticed for nearly four months but finally caught on to metal sites this week.

Kayla, the daughter of Foss and her ex -husband, Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose, took to Instagram today (January 5), to report that her mother is safe and well:

“With all that has been achieved in a way and the media reporting on it: Let me correct the record. I’ve seen all the posts about my mother Queen missing since September. None. I know where these stories come from. I talked to my mother recently like yesterday, and we never lost contact. My grandparents also got in touch with my mother, and we all know where he.I have a message from the New Orleans Police Department advising them about this and they are waiting to respond.

I have also seen other stories about [Coal Chamber frontman] TEN [Fafara] -my mother’s old singer-and a fight with my father Morgan. These are lies too. My dad and Dez have been friends for a long time.

I’m confused where it all started, but it may stop now.

Hopefully there won’t be another time, but maybe someone will check before running these stories that will upset my whole family in the future. ”

For the record, Severe Consequences called the New Orleans Police Department several times yesterday, but we were never put in a living person, with a record informing us that they were only there to be reached for emergencies. As Kayla mentioned, she is also waiting for a response from NOPD.

Foss played bass at Coal Chamber from 1994 until their first split in 2003. He appeared on the band’s first three albums – 1997’s Coal Chamber, 1999s Chamber Music, and 2002’s Dark Days. However, he did not rejoin the band when they met again from 2011 to 2016.

Check out Kayla Rose’s Instagram post below, followed by the original announcement reporting that Queen Foss went missing in September.

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