Quick Embroidery Hoop Pumpkin Dollar Store Craft

I love this cute little squash squash idea! This is a good dollar store with a few dollar needed supplies. Lots of supplies, you probably already have on hand! Make your own beautiful pumpkin to hang on the wall from August through November for Thanksgiving, fall, and Halloween!

inside the pumpkin inside held by the woman with the pink sweater

Embroidery Hoop Pumpkin

Pumpkins are definitely one of my favorite things about autumn. Not just yummy foods (check it out pumpkin recipes), but mostly about how the colors are warm and soothing. Plus, I love the cold weather! So, using them for decoration is a must, and sometimes you want one that won’t be damaged after a few weeks on your balcony. This pumpkin pie is exactly what you want!

If you have a few more embroidery patterns around, you can do other arts. I have a few favorites like this Christmas bunny art, a basis for this Origami old page crown crown, or even it fall leaves on windcatcher. There are many ways to use it to use to make something neat to hang, though Valentine’s mobile heart there’s a lot of fun going on!

The interior of the interior of the red tablecloth

What Can I Use for the Orange Part of the Pumpkin?

Cloth of course! I used scrap orange cloth and cut it to fit it. You can use any number of other things that also work here. Below are some ideas I have that are easy to use inside the hoop to look like a pumpkin.

  • Old shirts or sweaters that no longer fit orange, dark red, or rich yellows.
  • Felt blankets or length of felt cut from a roll.
  • Scraping fabric from other sewing projects.
  • Orange burlap.
  • Wide ribbon or lace dyed orange.
  • Wrapping paper in pumpkin colors or prints.
  • Sequin fabric.
  • Shiny gold cloth or cloth with shiny thread.

cloth pumpkin hung on the glass door

Could There Be More Pumpkin Decorations?

Trouble! I like the ease of using a solid color of fabric, ribbon, and a little raffia, but you can update it all differently from other things. The purpose is to use this as a main idea and then add it as you wish. Below are a few more ideas that can really make your pumpkin unique and fun!

  • Add more arrows to the height of the ribbon hanger.
  • Sprinkle with glitter for a shiny look.
  • Attach the ribbon to the edge of the inner lining.
  • Sew or embroider a message or beads on the front of the pumpkin for fall.
  • Use twine or rope instead of ribbon for the hanger.
  • Add dark green felt, ribbon, or tube cleaners at the top to create a nice look around the “trunk” of the ribbon.
  • Paint the embroidered hoop orange, yellow, red, or brown before adding fabric to it to make the squash.

orange cloth pumpkin with raffia bow on the table

What Is The Best Way To Hang This Pumpkin?

The very best thing about this craft comes from wearing the interior. By increasing the length of the ribbon on the inside of the embroidery before you can secure it, there is no need to add ribbon or a nail to the back of the squash.

However, to attach it to the wall you will want to use something like a nail or a wreath hook. Pushpins, thumbtacks, nails, screws, or wreath hooks are all accessible and handy for hanging them.

In addition, it acts as a crown on the door, on a wall, at the height of a cloak, or even hanging on a door. I’ve even seen pumpkins like this hanging on top of a kitchen cabinet to add something fun to your kitchen during the fall.

cloth pumpkin on white table with faux leaves

How Do I Save It For Next Year?

One of the most common problems I see with home-made decorating is durability. This is always a problem in the storage process. If the decorations are either thrown in a tub and forgotten, they can be damaged. Even if you put it on a shelf, you will deal with dust and debris or other objects falling on it. So I have a specific way I like to store wreaths or hanging items every year.

My method is to put hooks along the walls of my storage area (I have a separate part of my basement but you can use an attack or closet). Afterwards, I hung the wreath, or in this case the pumpkin, on top of a wire hanger. Next, I slide a trash can all over the thing that the hanger allows to penetrate underneath and tie the open area underneath or tie it to the end of the hanger neck. Then I can just hang it on a hook until next year. It keeps it clean and won’t break.

yellow paper with an autumn message with a lettering on the inside

Required Ingredients

embroidery hoop raffia scissors and orange cloth n table

How to make an Embroidery Hoop Pumpkin

Place the seam allowance on the inside of the fabric. Cut around the outside of a square or circle a few inches wider than the hoop.

hand used blue scissors to cut the fabric around the inside of the embroidery

Place the ribbon on the back of the fabric ring. Cut, the ribbon twice as far as the “width” of the hoop.

hand to cut the ribbon to fit the inside of the hoop

Then place the second piece to seal the same fabric and ribbon around the inside of the hoop.

hands placing the thread on top of the brown ribbon

Cut the excess fabric around the edges and stick to the squash.

hand with blue scissors shortening the orange cloth

Make a bow out of raffia and attach it to the top of the pumpkin, just below the ribbon.

hand tied raffia to the bow

Stick a small green fake leaf on the back of the raffia.

add hand fake leaves on top of squash cloth

Tie the end of the brown ribbon or fasten with additional rope to make it strong enough for hanging.

hands typing twine around brown ribbon

Now you can show off your pumpkin!

inside the pumpkin inside held by the woman with the pink sweater

Lots of Pumpkin Ideas

Pumpkins are the ultimate symbol of all things that fall, and of course, they’re fun to do. Whether you use them as a part of your main fall decoration, for Halloween decoration, or a Thanksgiving centerpiece, these ideas are perfect to try! There are many different ways you can make a pumpkin for decoration, and below are some of my favorites in particular. Be sure to mark, pin or print it for use making soon!

Provision: 1

squash fabric on sheet fabric with pinecones on the bottom

Use a piece of fabric and an old embroidery thread to create a beautiful embroidered hoop pumpkin dollar pumpkin shop to hang all fall season!

Active Time
15 minutes

Total Time
15 minutes


Estimated cost
$ 2


Hang on the front door from August to November.

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Project Gallery completed

cloth orange squash hung on whtie wall

Add a little glitter spray and it will shine on your front door!

cloth orange squash with green leaves and raffia on yellow paper

Be sure to remove it from the door if you are expecting rain because it will get wet and will make the fabric look bad while drying.

squash fabric on sheet fabric with pinecones on the bottom

Use any color ribbon for the stem and hanger!

top of squash with brown polka dot ribbon stem held by female

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