Rachel Bilson Reveals Her Favorite—and Least Favorite—Sex Positions

Rachel Bilson didn’t stop confessions from coming to his room.

The OC Star has recently been candid about her love life, revealing where she stands on certain sexual positions.

“I want missionary,” Rachel said on the May 3 episode of Woman Above podcast. “I learned that if you want to have an orgasm during sex, you have to be on top.”

As he says, “Missionary is my favorite. I want to be f–king manhandled.”

And as for the position he avoided? That honor, according to Rachel, “depends on the actual dick being doggy because it can be deep and hurt.”

However, the 41-year-old is no stranger to opening up about his sex life, because he recently spoke about her first orgasm later in life.

“It didn’t occur to me until I was about 38,” the Hart of Dixie alum received as a guest Whitney Cummings on the March 13 episode of her Broad Ideas podcast “Isn’t that crazy?”

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