Rachel Bilson visits Justin Bieber calling OC “BS”

Rachel Bilson still looking for number one.

Although The OC nearly 15 years have passed, the 40-year-old actress — who played Summer Roberts in the beloved teen drama — has no problem. heading back to where he started. In fact, he recently sparked an online exchange Justin Bieber after an Instagram user returned an old post from the pop star calling the show.

On Wednesday, January 5, Rachel once again shared the screenshot of the throwback post on her Instagram Stories. In it, Justin captions a photo of the sunset: “Seth and Summer are in the OC looking for.

It’s unclear when Justin made the post, though the layout of the app seen in the screenshot suggests it was probably made many years ago. Still, Rachel evokes some nostalgic memories The OC fans — including Justin himself.

A few hours after she posted the screenshot, the “Yummy” singer reshared it on her own Instagram Stories along with lots of smile emojis. Suggesting no awkward feelings, Rachel then responded via an orange heart emoji on Jan.

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