Rachel Maddow Underwent Surgery After Diagnosis of Skin Cancer

Rachel Maddow sends an important health message after being diagnosed with skin cancer.

On October 6 episode on The Rachel Maddow Show, the MSNBC anchor said that, a few months ago, his companion Susan Mikula | noticed a mole on his neck “changing.” After a friend confirmed that the mole had actually changed, Maddow went to a dermatologist.

“Did a biopsy, skin cancer,” the political commentator told the audience. “Skin cancer is the cause of most cancers diagnosed in the United States. And most skin cancers can be removed, treated. But here’s something I can tell you … even the most deadly types in today’s skin cancer, the ones that want to spread to other parts of your body, the ones that really want to kill you … that’s also much more treatable than ever. On one condition: that you get them early. “

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