Raised Planter Box with Bottom Shelf

As a member of the Ana community and The Handyman Club of America, I get a lot of inspiration for my projects. I found inspiration in the latest issue of Handy Magazine and the raised plant box they feature. They list plans for the planter, however, it requires the use of special equipment such as a router table, chisels, and multiple pipe clamps. Those may not seem like “special” items to some of you, but I don’t have them so I specialize in this brand. 🙂 They use pocket hole joinery in their plans, but only to a small extent. Why don’t you use it anywhere and make life simpler? I decided to take charge of the project myself and “also write” the plans for our community. Photo submitted by the reader.

The inspiration part is constructed from cedar, if you use different types of wood and plan to use it outdoors on purpose, make sure you take steps to not waste time on your piece of furniture! 🙂

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