Ranked Best Car Stunts of All Fast and Furious Movies

It was a long, long wait, but in the end F9 almost here.

The ninth installment of Fast and Furious franchise more numerous than ever, with cars leaping over cliffs and crashing even into space. However, it highlights even the most gruesome stunts that preceded it, and has some real doozies. In the past, we all thought Paul WalkerDriving backwards is exciting! Now, Tyrese and Ludacris car astronauts. How times change!

Ahead of the U.S. release of the most watched movie of the summer, we take a look at some of the most, most, most incredible and / or most shocking stunts from the entire saga. Crazy criminals do almost nothing in a car, and there’s almost nothing we don’t want to see what they do in a car-or 50 cars.

Lots of options, but we’ve reduced it to just nine, in honor of the latest installment. So, without further ado, here are the nine most horrible car stunts rapidly franchise so far, although you can bet there will be some updates to this list after F9 hit theaters on June 25th.

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