Ranking Friends in Thanksgiving Episodes from Worst to Best

From Joey’s meaty sweats to a funny guest look Brad Pitt, this one has it all. But we put ourselves first. “The One With the Rumor” begins with Monica declaring that she won’t cook turkey because half the gang doesn’t like it. Joey, unhappy with this, changes Monica’s mind by promising that he himself will finish the whole bird.

Meanwhile, Monica, Ross and Rachel high school age Will (Pitt) join them. However, Will was upset to learn that Rachel was attending, because he wasn’t very kind to her in high school. During the meal, Will revealed that he and Ross were at the “I Hate Rachel” club and a rumor started that he was an intersexual. (Note: This part of the plot isn’t too old.) Before Rachel was completely upset, Monica reminded her friend that she had started a rumor about Ross and the 50-year-old librarian — which was not a rumor, according to Ross’ confession.

Aside from the comedy problems, the dynamic between married Pitt and Aniston is pretty ridiculous.

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