Real Life Couple Mandy Patinkin and Kathryn Grody Take a Show

Two of the biggest social media stars in the pandemic are staring at the small screen.

Mandy I like and wife Kathryn Grodywhose slice-of-life videos were filmed by the son Gideon Grody-Patinkin became comfortable food for millions during the COVID-19 pandemic, set to star in a pilot for Showtime called Seasoning.

“The show is inspired by real life and the couple’s relationship,” according to different. “It follows the exhilarating turbulent relationship and life of a successful, gregarious, deeply committed, little crazy couple.”

The couple, as you guessed, could be played by Mandy and Kathryn. Gideon is a co-creator of the project.

In March 2020, Mandy, Kathryn and then 34-year-old son Gideon returned to the family home in upstate New York. Gideon started recording videos of his loving eccentric parents for fun, only to realize that he wasn’t the only person who found them fun.

Gideon started posting videos on social media, including it’s about the pizza rat which garnered nearly 200,000 views, and two legends were born.

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