Rebel Wilson Shares New Photos of Her Baby Girl on First Mother’s Day


At first he Mothers day as a mother, Rebel Wilson shared the most famous photos of her first child, daughter Royce Lillian Elizabeth Wilson.

In his post on May 14, the Pitch Perfect The actress attached a photo of herself and bridegroom Ramon Agrum—wearing a pink baseball cap with the word “Mom,” sitting with the baby, who is 6 months old. Royce sports a cream woolen bunny bonnet, a pastel pink cardigan, gray sweatpants and white and pink fuzzy socks.

Another picture shows Rebel holding the little girl while standing with her on the deck of a large boat. Royce was wearing a frilly, pink and white polka dotted dress and was barefoot. The third photo shows the child wearing a blue and white sun hat and lying on a towel with his mother at the table, overlooking the sea.

In his caption, the Bridesmaids The actress shared an anecdote about parenting that was simply, well, pitch perfect.

“Happy Mother’s Day! (Just woke up at 5:30am and changed a lot [poo],” he wrote. “How are you?”

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