Reinier Zonneveld Will Attempt to Break the World Record at the Dutch Music Festival

The techno superstar is playing for keeps as he aims to perform for nearly 12 hours straight and set what he claims is a world record.

Come for the festival, stay to witness the history of electronic music.

Techno superstar Reiner Zonneveld attempting a world record. The Karren Maar Festival in the Netherlands will be a party to witness this year as the Dutch DJ and producer is set to be the only artist scheduled to take the festival’s mainstage.

Scheduled for August 5 at the Stadsblokken in Arnhem, the festival will see Zonneveld make the most of the opportunity as he attempts to break the world record, he says, for the longest individual live performance. Up to 25,000 attendees will witness as Zonneveld tries to walk the distance—11 hours and 11 minutes—and etch his name in dance music history.

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Zonneveld will cover his discography while sampling some unreleased music. After all, there is plenty of time to experiment with a full marathon effort.

“I can’t wait to take things to the next level at this year’s Karren Maar Festival,” said Zonneveld in a press release shared by “I don’t often get the chance to perform at such a high level at a festival, and that makes me even more excited to sing to 25,000 guests at my own festival this summer. “

The second installment of the Karren Maar Festival will also feature artists from Zonneveld’s own record label, Filth On Acid. ticket the festival will go on sale March 9.

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