Remember This? Bring back the Violent Times in Golden Globes History

ah the Golden Globes.

There’s nothing like that January night when the worlds of film and TV collide under one roof, a magical place with champagne free flowing and literally anything happens. And we mean whatever.

This year, for example, you’re definitely a — yes — never before. Amid criticism from the Hollywood Foreign Press and the surge in coronavirus cases, the ceremony will not be televised nor have an audience or red carpet. So, for the first time in the 75-plus year history of the annual party, no more winners that surprised us with a pleasant drunk reception speech or a show that stopped on the red carpet arrival leaving our jaws on the floor.

Oh, it’s worth going back to all the nonsense that has come to us. From lost winners to drunken presenters, confusing speeches to sinking in the pool, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual party became the centerpiece of a wild moment after the next.

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