Remember When the Fiji Woman Photobombed All the Golden Globes?

And the award for best scenestealer goes to …Kelleth Cuthbert.

You don’t know that name? How comeFiji Water Girl, “remember her? It’s been three years Fiji Water Girl became the unexpected breakout star at the 2019 Golden Globes, thanks to his strategic placement behind some of the biggest names on the red carpet in seemingly every photo they take.

Amy Adams? Susiha. Richard Madden? Yes. Nicole Kidman? You bet. Fortunately Kelleth, a Canadian actress and model, carried a tray bottle of water all night, because she was thirsty, right?

But his haste was so impressive that E! The hydration news really helped, giving Kelleth her own honorary award for “Best Supporting Actress On A Red Carpet” after she used the Internet by storm.

“I want to be thankful for the water. If these celebs weren’t so thirsty, I wouldn’t be able to serve the way I do,” he said in his acceptance speech. “My show would never have been possible without you.”

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