Reported on PS5 PSVR With 4K and Eye Tracking

While the PS5 PSVR did not receive typical “large exposure” treatment, it seems like a lot of information about its aspects will come out before the inevitable release.

Agreed to UploadVR, sources said Sony shared details for the PlayStation VR refresh. It includes a 4K resolution, a lens separation adjustment dial, eye tracking, and a headset motor to provide haptic feedback.

The resolution of the PS5 PSVR headset will be 4000 × 2080 pixels, which will run to be 2000 × 2040 per eye. This will amount to 8.3 million total pixels which is a bit more than a typical 4K display output. The device also uses USB Type-C to connect the headset to the console. Unlike its predecessor, the new headset will use onboard cameras to track the controllers thus simplifying setup for the PSVR.

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The article also considers that the said eye-tracking capabilities of the new PSVR headset could be a game changer for virtual reality. UploadVR assumes that the inclusion of foveated rendering, which is a method of providing eye -specific tracking equipment that reduces the quality of images on peripherals, improves the visual accuracy of an image by supporting area gipunting. They also consider that eye tracking will affect much of the VR experience such as improving the throwing mechanic and many life-like interactions among people inside an online space.

Back in March, Sony unveils new controllers for the PS5 PSVR. Instead of using PlayStation Mov controls, the newly designed, orbital VR controllers are more similar to current Oculus controllers. Administrators will display adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, finger touch detection, tracking, and common action buttons and analog sticks. Simply put, it includes all the essential features of the PS5’s DualSense controller but has a more ergonomic design for virtual reality.

There is no current release date for the PS5 PSVR. However, Sony has stated that it will not launch in 2021.

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