Repurposed Tin Can Owl Pencil Holder

This appealing tin owl is the perfect way to add a touch of nature to your home. She’s made from a recycled tin and other upcycled crafting materials, so she’s eco-friendly too! Plus, she makes a pleasing addition to any room. Whether you’re using her as a decoration, a candle holder, or a pencil holder on a table, you’re sure to love how cute and easy it is to make.

tin empty pencil case full of colored pencils on white table

Tin Can Owl

Tin Can Owl is the perfect way to recycle your old cans and give them new life. Not only is it a super cute idea, but also eco-friendly. We use recycled materials to make our owl decorations, so you feel good about making them and save money. This is an even quicker project that kids can help you create and look great on a shelf, or on a table!

If you love owls, you may also like our other projects. If you want to make one rustic burlap owl wreath or help children do it upcycled cup ngiwngiw. Of course, I like to upcycled CD owl garden decoration or this rustic oak tree idea.

tin pencil case on table by calendar

What Can I Use to Make Owl Eyes?

Since I wanted to keep this can owl as upcycled as possible, I used 2 different sized bottle caps. I like to use a bigger one and then add a little more to it. Then inside the small bottle cap, I added a googly eye. Using all three like this gives that great owl’s eye look.

You can make it look like paper, felt, or foam if you like. Other options include pieces of wood or plastic that are cut and painted to fit together and stick to the can.

colored pencils in tin cans

Should I Paint the Can First?

You paint the can or leave the original color a personal choice. I like the way the silver shines through the thread around the cans, but if you want to paint it a different color, you can do it.

It can be bright colors like the orange and blue shown, or you can make it more traditional with black, brown, or tan paints. Whatever you use, match the paint wings with a complementary shade of the same color or a unique pairing of different colors.

woman holding a can of owl

What Can It Be Used For?

I love making these tin cans with the kids even on a rainy afternoon, as part of a daycare, preschool, or camp setting. They can even be a fun project to use as a way for kids to give these earrings as gifts.

Once you have finished the finished bouquet, it can be used to hold flowers, as a vase or as a plant container. If you use it as a plant holder, you can add holes in the bottom as water holes. This can be easily done with a nail.

Another option is to use it as we have shown by placing it on a table as a pencil holder or holding all the small objects that fill the table and cause clutter. Put them all inside the basket and put them away if you need them.

The owl can also be used as a cute decoration on a party table. This is ideal for any owl-themed birthday party or baby shower! Of course, it’s as cute in a kid’s bedroom or on a shelf in your home as a simple decoration. I even like the idea of ​​sitting it on the side table to hold remote controls when not in use.

tin cans of cobblestone

How Do I Customize My Tin Can Owl?

My first thought was to just change the size of the owl. Use any size can to make it bigger or smaller. Of course, I mentioned above that it can be painted, but you can also change the yarn, or even use something like a boa constrictor instead of yarn to wrap in the can.

Adding sequins, glitter, or rhinestones is sure to sparkle and be fun for kids. A small ribbon or lace can be added around the “neck” as a bow tie, or on the side of the ears as a hair bow.

The possibilities are endless in this project. From just changing colors to adding fake eyelashes for more character, you can really make your owl pencil look unique!

tin owl with blue stump wings

Supplies are needed

orange and blue felt on the table with canned orange yarn and bottle caps

How to Make a Tin Can Owl

Remove the labels from the can and clean them thoroughly. Dry it, then start wrapping the orange yarn in the can. It’s meant to be loose with gaps between each thread, so don’t worry about covering it with the whole can.

orange yarn wrapped in tin

Now, place the can and paint the two large bottle caps with brown paint, and set them to dry.

hand paint the inside of the bottle caps brown

Fold the foam paper in half and trace the shape of its wing. Cut the wing, then cut the fold in half.

cutting hand blue felt

On both wings, use a black marker to make squiggly marks to look like feathers on the wings.

hand drawing feathers on blue owl wings for craft

Now, glue the wings to the sides of the can.

wings glued to the sides of the can to form an owl

Then glue the small bottle cap to the now dry brown large bottle caps. Stick googly eyes in that.

The bottle caps are glued to form the eyes

Place the eyes on the top edge of the can. Cut a small piece of yellow felt or foam paper yellow or orange and glue it under the oo to make the beak of the owl.

hand placing a beak on the tin beak

Fill with pencils and display!

owl made of canned grass

More Tin Can Making Ideas

If you have so many cans on hand and need ideas on how to use them, look no further! Below are some great ideas for using tin cans as upcycle items for unique decoration and even a game. Make sure you bookmark these posts, print out the instructions, or pin them to an appropriate Pinterest board for immediate action.

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tin cans with colored pencils on the floor

Very nice cans the owl can make using upcycled things! The perfect owl garden decoration for your summer garden display!

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Total Time
45 minutes


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Use any colored yarn and foam to give your owl personality.

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Completed Project Gallery

tin cans on the table

I love using it on picnic tables for summer party utensils!

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