Resident Evil Village repeats Re4’s Combinable Item Error

Resident Evil Village repeats the same mistake from RE4 by making some expensive items to combine, while others are just meant to be sold.

Resident Evil Village is a very good game and can be played on many platforms, but fans should know that Village contains the same gameplay errors as Resident Evil 4. The series is known to have many collectibles that can be sold for profit to buy helpful items. These trinket can be found in a room, found after a puzzle, or retrieved if a monster is defeated. Sometimes these items can be combined with other expensive items to be sold at a higher price. Resident Evil 4 there are some collectibles mixed up that can’t be combined, confusing players as to what items to put. Resident Evil Village repeated it incorrectly from RE4 by having some expensive items to combine, while others are only intended to be sold.


The video game franchise is a powerhouse of the Survival Horror genre, producing numerous movies, books, and new anime series on Netflix, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. Capcom announced that in October 2021 Resident Evil Village only sold five million copies. The game also recently won the Steam Award for Game Of The Year in 2021. However, even the critically acclaimed Resident Evil Village not wrong.

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In the game, players control Ethan Winters, the main character from RE7. On the whole Resident Evil Village, Players pick up a lot of collectibles, some of the hardest to find are crystal pieces. They are hidden in different locations and can be identified by small, glittering light. They can only be sold, but see if they can be combined with other things, like The crystals fall from the bosses Resident Evil Village. Players will find Vivianite, a mineral in the region, which is also intended for sale and for no other purpose. The game has a description for each item in Ethan’s inventory that will say if there is something to combine, but players can sell expensive items ahead of time or hold on to stealing for a long time, more yet to deny the freedom to put “regular” gems into things. to sell them early at a relatively low price. These same issues are shared with Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4 Combinable Items Easily Lost

Resident Evil 4 Salazar Crown Combined

on RE4, Players take on the role of Leon Kennedy on a mission to rescue the daughter of US Presidents, who was mysteriously abducted. The game is full of collectibles, identical combinations and non -combinable items. As an example, the Crown can be matched with the Crown Jewel and the Royal Insignia, to make the highly valued Family Crown of Salazar Family, with a deep backstory with the main villain of RE4 Osmund Saddler. Items to be found throughout the game that cannot be combined include: Attributes, artifacts, and two weak items. Not like Resident Evil Village, the player inventory description only provides notifications as to which collectibles may fit. This causes some fans to be unaware that they can combine things during their playthrough and, as a result, lose value increases.

Worse, both games refuse to allow players to place “wrong” qualities in these items, which adds a valuable nuance to each experience, allowing for interesting mistakes and for the player’s freedom to choose whether to sell a combined item below its end. value if the money is needed more immediately, perhaps to use the lower qualities to fill it and make a quick buck instead of waiting for the best qualities to get the final reward. Creating something new from the expensive items the player is trying to collect is a rewarding part of Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 4 inventory experiences. It’s a shame that it hasn’t been used to its full potential, allowing for more variety and nuance in a RE duel.

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