Rezz Translates Anxiety Uncertainty Into Words With New Single, "Suffer In Silence"

Rezz returns with hair-raising sound design on his latest single via HypnoVizion.

There are few certainties in the life of a touring artist. It’s a lifestyle where even the best have to persevere through unpredictable peaks and troughs, but how to respond to an uncertainty is where stars are born.

RezzNew single “Suffer In Silence” may be purely instrumental, but the music is loud and clear. Following in the footsteps of “Gyrate“he returns with another haunting, dancefloor-commanding effort that vividly translates feelings of lingering uncertainty into art.


Christopher Kuzman

Anxiety is an unfortunate, constant companion in the life of an artist, but Rezz positively channels challenging emotions in the best way he knows how: with chilling, atmospheric synths and satisfying satisfying rhythms.

He builds tension with a steady tick-like rhythm of twinkling hums before kicking the door down with sawing basslines marred by distortion. Rezz showed off the danceability in the second part of the arrangement, unleashing a wave of twisted bass buoyed by a steady burst of planning kicks.

With “Suffer In Silence,” Rezz drops another contribution to his new HypnoVizion label, which quickly became the standard-bearer of midtempo bass. Check out the new track below.

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