RIP Alan Kalter, Longtime Announcer by David Letterman Died at age 78

Alan Kalter, has long announced Later Show with David Letterman, died at age 78.

Agreed to The Hollywood Reporter, Kalter died Monday (Oct. 4) at Stamford Hospital in Connecticut. A cause of death was not immediately available.

Kalter serves that Late Appearance announces the span of 20 years between 1995 and 2015. In addition to informing guests every night of the show’s opening, Kalter regularly shows up with sketches – which makes Letterman even happier. A small change was seen by Kalter simultaneously hosting his own talk show, Alan Kalter’s Artist Speech, on the side of the stage. Kalter is also the custodian of “Late Show Secret Word,” as well as a famous singer known for his memorable and unpretentious performances of “You’ve Never Seen Before” and “Don’t Cha.”

A native of Brooklyn, Kalter started announcing like game shows To Tell the Truth, Question $ 128,000, ug The $ 25,000 Pyramid – where he met Letterman for the first time. He was offered the job of informing Late Appearance in 1995 and remained on the podium until Letterman’s retirement in 2015.

Kalter also served as the voice of Man Michelin, and was the announcer of the 2003 Grammy Awards.

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