Rob McElhenney Says Making It New Always Sunny Stories Are Not Challenging

Always Sunny Philadelphia Maker and star Rob McElhenney frankly talks about the struggles to get new plans for the show.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Co-producer and star Rob McElhenney spoke about the difficulties of keeping up with fresh stories for the show. In December of 2020, It’s Always Daily renewed four more seasons, means that the show’s makers still have more stories to write for the five main characters. This means the show will run at least 18 seasons, making it one of the longest -running live action comedy shows of all time. Throughout the show’s 16 years, it’s known for the crude of this comedy, topic episodes, and characters that can’t ask for an explanation.

In addition to work It’s Always Day, McElhenney is a creator of the Apple TV + show Myth Quest: Raven’s Dinner by It’s Always Daily heavy weight Charlie Day and Megan Ganz. Myth Quest: Raven’s Dinner is the third original series to premiere on Apple TV +. The show follows a group of video game makers working on a multi-player game play alike. World of Warcraft. Before the show was officially released, it was already updated for a second season, which premiered in May of this year.

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among It’s Always Day and Myth Quest: Raven’s Dinner, McElhenney certainly has hands full, but according to him, the two appearances are very different animals. McElhenney described working Myth Quest: Raven’s Dinner as “extraordinary save.” Citing a whole new set of characters and situations to work with, McElhenney tells how he can more easily write new episodes and stories for Myth Quest: Raven’s Dinner than it is for It’s Always Daily. Speaking of ET Online, he opened up about the challenges of the latter:

“The limitations we have at Sunny are that there are only so many stories you can tell this group of people. And we’ve done a lot. So, it’s a challenge for us to keep creating new ones. story for them. While in Mythic Quest, when you have a new set of characters and a new scenario, it’s much easier to invent new scenarios to put it. ”

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This doesn’t mean McElhenney isn’t happy his work on It always is Sunny, although In the same interview, McElhenney described feeling “lucky” that he had her It’s Always Daily Crews will return, especially after their time apart not only because of COVID but including many other projects the cast has worked on. “Those are the people I love the most. They are members of my family,” he said in his conversation with UG Online, “and they’re the people I want to spend time with more than anyone on the planet.”

After 16 years in the wind, it’s no surprise that It’s Always Day Producers sometimes have a hard time finding new content and scenarios for the Paddy’s Pub gang. The show sees its characters through kidnappings, voyages, scams, and more. In season 9, the Always Sunny the gang was still going through their own quarantine, years before COVID. Now, McElhenney jokes that the pandemic disease is causing a new era, saying that some episodes are practical to write on their own. Now it’s unclear when the next season will be It’s Always Day will precede the premiere, but fans can catch the show’s current seasons on Hulu and Amazon.

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