Robot Zombies A Government Experiment

Army of the Deadrobot zombies could be the product of government experiments in Area 51. As Zack Snyder’s first zombie movie since his part in the directory debut in 2004 Dawn of the Dead, Army of the Dead swings for the fences and doesn’t pull any punch like the first chapter of an already assembled frank, to be followed by the prequel Army of Thieves and anime series Army of the Dead: Vegas is gone.

A major focus of the film’s marketing and conversation was the introduction of a new, more advanced variant of the undead known as Alphas, who now rules Las Vegas. under the leadership of Zeus, played by Richard Cetrone. One element of the film that has lacked attention, and that has yet to be seen on sale, is the inclusion of zombie robots. So far, a comment by Snyder during a Netflix Q&A is the only relevant piece of information about the robot zombie’s role in Army of the Dead, but it can actually be a revealer.

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Bringing a strange sci-fi concept as zombie robots Army of the Dead, with the famous role played by Alphas in the story, may suggest that there may have been a more direct connection between the two than eye contact. More to the point, the film’s setting in Las Vegas, with proximity to Area 51, could mean that Alphas was born out of a major secret government experiment, in which robot zombies were created under the same scenario.

The Army of the Dead is involved in Area 51

An image of the destroyed buildings in the Army of the Dead movie

While the main action of Army of the Dead set in Las Vegas, Snyder confirmed that Area 51 is directly connected to the zombie origin. The more secretive military base has long played a lot of sci-fi and horror movies, Independence Day perhaps the most famous example. With the increasingly evolving zombie variety in Alphas, Snyder even clarifies their origins in Area 51 being somewhat overshadowed. Army of the Dead itself, and made more clear by Vegas is gone.

Even if Snyder doesn’t specifically mention the base as the point of origin for the zombies, the fact that it has a part in the movie at all will give much to maintain a connection between the two. With the advent of zombie robots, the whole concept of such immortal killers points to an atypical origin from the common. Shambler zombie and even the intelligent Alphas. At the same time, Snyder also clearly despises their unusual background.

Snyder Participates in Aliens And Government Experiments

Zack Snyder Filming Army of the Dead

Snyder said Army of the Deadzombie robots in the aforementioned Netflix Q&A, mocking them with a connection to both foreign life and government experimentation. Putting their role in the film as a question, Snyder stated, “Do they track what the government puts among the zombies to monitor them? Are they technologies from another world? What happened there?“Snyder’s mockery can actually reveal a little more than what seems to be the amount on the face.

First, the specific words robot zombies technology from “the other world“, as opposed to more obscure words such as”another world“, it can be pointed out that zombies connected to alien life are established with some level of certainty in the film. Given how many aliens and UFOs are playing in the movies about Area 51, the role of based on the film that seems to reinforce the idea of ​​Snyder’s comments about the government’s connection to robot zombies also have implications, suggesting that it could be a product of government experiments.The question is, how aliens, zombies, robotic tehnology, and Area 51 all united in Army of the Dead?

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How Zeus And The Alphas Can Connect With Robot Zombies

With Alphas products probably in experiments behind the walls of Area 51, robot zombies could theoretically be an off-shoot of it. Surprisingly, Alphas could have done experiments on people in Area 51 involving an alien pathogen or something along the lines, turning humans into zombies. However, it may also have caused the rise of Zeus as before Alphas.

The zombie robots could be as a second experiment initiated by the zombies, trying to mix them with technology, which could also be an alien origin. Snyder’s earlier comments have pointed to robot zombies as serving as a guard against Shamblers and Alphas, but the government may also have a much higher ambition to arm robot zombies for military use. Having already assembled an army of vicious undead through Area 51 experiments, the ultimate goal that robots will bring into the equation may be to completely control the zombies, making them almost unstoppable (and completely costly). soldiers they control. However, that sealed Las Vegas was later overrun by the Shamblers and occupied by the Alphas, and even some zombified tiger, as it were that this experiment may not have taken that far before the separation.

With Alphas and robot zombies making grandiose soon, Snyder’s comments suggest their origins Army of the Dead may not be fully revealed in the film itself. Most modern zombie movies are known to continue to obscure their origins beyond the unaccounted for references to a plague or other X-factor, so Snyder’s film also appears to attempt to be a more specific part of it. However, robot zombies are a real curveball, and there are signs of aliens and government experiments played out in the story, their intrusion Army of the Dead could be a classic sci-fi case of government experiments to turn the latest scientific knowledge into the ultimate weapon.

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  • Army of the Dead (2021)Release date: May 21, 2021

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