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The Real Housewives of Potomacit’s season 7 reunion ended on March 5, and many fell. completion Ashley Darby and Candiace Dillard-Bassett discussing the events that led to the dissolution of their friendship, the husbands joined and Chris FACE Gizelle Bryant about the accusations he made against him. Karen place also faced against Charrisse Jackson Jordan, and set the record straight about the rumors of his infidelity. But the biggest moment of all came when Andy Cohen there will be a special conversation after the reunion Robyn Dixon and dove into his bombshell admission that JOHN is inappropriate communication with another woman before their marriage.

What exactly did Robyn reveal? Well, when asked to share exactly what happened between Juan and the woman he wasn’t supposed to talk to, he said, “Nothing happened. He talked to her – which he shouldn’t have – and that’s it. Nothing relationship, no relationship, no dating, and no physical.” Andy asks Robyn if she believes in Juan, and she says that she does. However, Robyn admits that Juan’s indiscretion was the reason why they decided to call off their wedding. She and Juan became engaged. (for the second time) during the season 5 finale, and lasted almost three years tie the knot.

“We’ve been doing premarital counseling, and that’s just something we talked about throughout premarital counseling,” she explained. “We talked about it. We did it.”

So why didn’t Robyn talk about Juan’s cheating rumors on the show while filming season 7? As Robyn says, they’ve “worked it out” and she and Juan “feel stronger” about their relationship than ever. “I just chose not to say something that we’ve been doing for months before,” Robyn said, later adding, “I mean, there’s two people involved here, so I have to think that participating in this show is not easy for men.”

Robyn also revealed that she and Juan DOING get a prenup, but he does not include an infidelity clause. Why? “Because I’m like, I can set myself up. What if I had a lil, you know, something? So, I said, yes, no. There are so many gray areas and so on.” As for the rest of the prenup, it’s “50/50”. However, he said that Juan “can’t own my businesses. I have to think, because honestly, none of us would be who we are and where we are without the other. So, even a few years from now, we can both say that we helped each other’s careers and lives a lot.”

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