Róisín Murphy Shares DJ Koze–Made New Song “CooCool”: Listen

Roisin Murphy is back with a new song: “CooCool” produced by DJ Kozeand it marks his first single on Ninja Tunes. Below, listen and see the single’s artwork, which is a portrait of Murphy by the artist Beth Frey.

The song, Murphy said in a press release, “is supposed to be a fragile little flower but it has a lot of hidden strength in the roots. There is classic virtuosity and a lightness of touch, while the hyper-modern production of DJ Koze makes it bounce and glide. It’s a silly romantic little love poem. ‘This thing is more than any kind of parody.’ Everything in this song is real and playful. Can we love and keep our sense of humor? ‘Cuddle your inner child!’ Love is eternal, ageless, inevitable.”

Murphy’s last album was 2020’s Roisin Machinewhich got a remix album in 2021 called Crooked Machine. Read about Pitchfork »Róisín Murphy on the Music That Made Her.”

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