Roll Away Home Gym Storage Coffee Table

Do you do workouts at home in your living room with a TV?

What do you do with your exercise mat? Where do you put your hand weights and foam blocks and bands?

Do you move your coffee table every day? And return it afterwards?

Is exercise preparation an exercise in itself?

Not anymore!

This beautiful solid wood coffee table is the solution!

home gym ideas

Your home GYM is hidden inside …

Large, spacious space that is too big for an exercise or yoga mat, foam blocks, exercise bands, hand weights and more-where you need it.

living room workout in home gym area

On wheels, it is DESIGNED to move to create floor space for exercise.

Home gym coffee table storage ideasThen return and store the equipment immediately.

It’s a home gym tucked away where you need to be – in the middle of your living room!

I Need It! How Do I Get It?

It’s an original design you can’t buy – you have to DIY using our free plans. You will need four 1×12 planks, a drill and a saw to solve this construction. Here is a quick video of me building this project:

Scroll down for free build plans!

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Roll Away Home Gym Storage

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