Roll Away Workbench Center with Wall Storage

Cooks Need Kitchens, Carpenters Need Work Banks

I always compare a workshop to a kitchen – would you cook dinner if you knew you had to take the oven out of storage and put it away? And then you have to sit on the floor and cut your vegetables?

It’s the same with construction projects – if you have to haul large, heavy, cumbersome tools out of storage and work on the floor, it can keep you from getting things done.

Create a Work Space

The big problem with most people is that there is no space to dedicate inside your home. So you have to make space. That’s exactly what this roll away workbench system does. One minute it’s garage shelves-

Next time you release your work carts (complete with its heavy equipment)

there is a white roll out workbench

And use wagons as work chairs. The carts can also be pushed together to create larger work surfaces.

Wall storage is still a tactic, so we also use vertical space for storage as well.

Amazingly Easy to Build

These workbench shelves have been built tens of thousands of times by beginners everywhere. The process is simple and very workable. You can do it. Watch this video to show you how:

Free PDF Plans and Videos for this Workbench and Carts

I did this project as part of the Ryobi Nation Dream workshop, and we had a crew film it and create PDF plans for every project you see here – all free for you. Here is where you can download all the plans:

Thanks for using our plans. If you build, please share, we’d love to see your projects.

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