Room Remake Starring Bob Odenkirk Gets First Look Photo

by Tommy Wiseau The bedroomthe famous cult film, recreated for charity, with Better Call SaulBob Odenkirk playing the lead role.

The remake originated Act For A Cause, with the production benefiting amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research. After several posts on social media, Odenkirk confirmed that the remake is indeed real and that he has already filmed his scenes. The actor stated that he did his best to sell every line and “had a BLAST.”

Several images from the making of the remake, including a famous rooftop scene, were released on Instagram by director and producer Brando Crawford. You can view the posts below.

The bedroom written, directed, produced, and executive produced by and starring Tommy Wiseau. Originally released in 2003, the film became a cult favorite due to its poor quality and unusual production history. A film based on The bedroom star of Greg Sestero’s novel The Disaster Artistwhich documents the wild production of Wiseau’s movie, released in 2017 and starring Dave and James Franco.

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