Rustic Miniature Rudolph Wreath Ornament

Christmas is almost here and it’s time to start making. This Rudolph wreath ornament craft is a great way to get into the holiday spirit! It’s easy, fun, and fun. You can make it for yourself or give it as a gift to your friends and family. Add some fake berry, a little green, or some fake snow to make them unique.

twine wrapped mini wreath with rudolph on top hanging from tree

Rudolph Wreath Ornament

I love creating ideas that are easy to make, don’t take long, and use simple materials you already have. Use this wreath ornament design and make it your own. Make decorations for your tree, make them gifts or add them to gifts as a decorative element.

If you like reindeer or Rudolph in particular, check out this little classic cinnamon stick Rudolph idea. Kids love it. Plus, you can do it Rudolph Christmas garland or even the classic clothespin reindeer that we all did as kids!

mini wreath ornament in green and white snowflake paper

What Can I Use as a Base Ring for the Ornament?

The best part about this decorative wreath is that you can use anything as a base. While I use a standard Styrofoam ring, any type of ring is applicable. You can use the shower curtain ring, which is much easier to find in your own home or cheaply at the local Dollar Tree.

Other options include rings made of wood, a metal ring like the lid of a mason’s jar, or even a piece of cardboard that you cut into a circle. The options are endless – just be creative and use your imagination!

woman wearing a white sweater holding a twine wrapped wreath with berries on top

Should I Add Rudolph to My Ornament?

Rudolph added to the decorative wreath is a small decorative tree. Similar ones can be found in craft stores. You can use the same, like other Rudolph designs, or you can use something completely different like Santa, Christmas tree, or other Christmas or winter designs. If you don’t want to add a small element, you can skip it altogether. It’s just a fun addition that makes it stand out from other wreath decorations.

wooden bird house in fake snow with mini wreath hanging in front

Can I Wrap the Ribbon?

You don’t have to use twine to wrap this wreath ornament. Anything you have can be used, including ribbon. Below are some more ideas that are great for making a ring cover.

  • Ribbon
  • Raffia
  • lanyard
  • dizziness
  • Thick poison
  • Lace ribbon
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Washi tape in solid colors or patterns
  • Fragments of felt or fabric

Create and make your own wreath unique with any amount of fabric, ribbon, or similar items to wrap it for a new look. I love twine for its rustic style, but you can easily customize it to match the rest of your decorations with a variety of things.

mini wreath ornament leaning against red basket on examined tablecloth

Can I Do It With My Children

This decorative wreath is a great idea to make with kids. Even very young children can make this decoration, and as an added bonus, it can be great for hand/eye coordination and small motor skills.

The only thing of concern is the glue issue. While hot glue is my option, you can use any craft glue for this wreath. Even children’s school glue like Elmer’s glue can be applied to most of the elements included.

If using white craft glue, just know that it will take longer to dry and it will be less durable for use each year. Make sure you allow the wreath to dry before touching it again. Also, keep the pieces safe, using pressure until the pieces are in place and until the glue has a chance to be tested.

hands holding a miniature wreath ornament

Supplies are needed

thread the white table by styrofoam ring and holiday picks

How to Make a Rudolph Wreath Ornament

Glue the end of the thread to the styrofoam ring, then start wrapping it around the ring.

Woman holding a Styrofoam ring with thread wrapped around it

Add the glue every few inches to set in place until completely wrapped and no styrofoam is visible.

blue hot glue gun gluing twine to ring

Stick the reindeer figure, holiday greenery, and berries on top where you put the hanger.

finger holding holiday berries over twine ring

Cut an extra shorter length of ribbon or thread and make a loop then glue or tie the ring to hang.

hands holding the mini wreath on the white table

Now you can add any other decorations or spray fake snow and hang it on your holiday tree!

miniature twine wreath ornament on Christmas tree

Easier Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is definitely a fun time to make, and making home -made decorations is my absolute favorite. Below are some classics as well as some fun unique new options that will be creative and look great on your holiday tree this year. Bookmark these instructions, print them out to file, or even pin them to Pinterest for immediate use!

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miniature twine wreath ornament on Christmas tree

This cute little Rudolph wreath ornament is a great addition to any holiday tree! A super cute idea perfect for making kids!

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25 minutes


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Add any sticker or figurine on top of this mini wreath to create a unique look.

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Completed Project Gallery

mini rustic wreath in wooden birdhouse sitting on fake snow

You can make it in any size depending on what you have. It can even be bigger to hang on your front door!

twine wrapped mini wreath on white table

Pick a few ropes to replace the berries if holiday picks are hard to find.

hands holding a mini wreath ornament in front of the Christmas tree

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