Rustic Twine Wrapped Plastic Bottle Hanging Planter

Looking for a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to add life to your home decor? Check out this DIY upcycled twine-wrapped bottle planter craft! This project is perfect for anyone looking for a creative way to reuse old bottles. Plus, it’s very simple to make – all you need is some thread and a hot glue gun! So be creative and have fun with it.

close up photo of twine wrapped bottle planter with red flowers

Fine Packaged Bottle Plan

This project is much easier to do and fun even kids can help create. While it uses hot glue, it’s something you can do with your kids whether using a cold glue gun or a good quality craft glue.

It will look great in homes with a more chic or rustic look, but can also be hung outside for a fun addition to your balcony decor or even in the garden hanging from a tree branch. The finished project looks great and makes the ideal fun craft that can only be used at home on a plant, or as part of your creative home decor.

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If you like this rustic style, you might also like it super cute paper straw DIY floating succulent planter. Another fun way to share plants on an upcycle and inexpensive base instead of expensive pieces from your local decor store.

purple flowers on twine hanging planter on tree

How Do I Remove Jagged Edges in a Cut Plastic Bottle?

If you cut plastic, it can sometimes cause edges and sharpness. There are several ways you can repair rough edges on plastic bottles.

  • You can use a sanding block to smooth the plastic edges. Plastic sanding can smooth the edges without having to worry about applying heat or adding any to it.
  • You can also use a heat gun to melt the plastic particles and make them smooth. If you don’t have a heat gun, you can also use a lighter, but because the heat is harder to control, it can be more difficult to use this method.
  • Another simple option is to use tape to cover the edge of the bottle. Since it is readable if you have a live plant inside, then you can use a non-water option such as Duct tape, electrical tape, or Gorilla tape to cover the top of the cut edge of the bottle.

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red twine planter flowers held by female

What Should I Use Instead of Twine?

I love the twine look of this planter, but you can also use whatever you have. If you plan to put it just inside, the yarn is great for wrapping the planter. Using ribbon is another great option that comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles to choose from. the style of style. style. style. style. style. style. style. style. style. style. style. Of course, you can also use fabric strips that are sewn or twisted and glued in place. That will give it a uniquely eclectic look.

If you want a monochrome look, you can wear it with a fishing line for a unique style that is clear but also invisible. Of course, you can even decorate it with fishing lures if you want to use it in a boat house or give it to someone who is an avid fisherman.

My favorite option other than twine is to use colored or patterned washi tape to cover the bottle. There are tons of different options with both solid and patterned variations that will give you the perfect way to match your existing home decor.

red flowers on small twine wrapped planter

Can I Use It For Real Plants?

Yes, you can use it for real plants. Since it is the bottom of a water bottle, it can hold on to the ground and hold on with water poured inside. The contents of the bottle are small, so it can be used with small plants. If you add a plant to grow, you can put it in its nursery pot and add a sack around it to hide it. Then as the plant grows very large, just remove the pot and you can repot the plant elsewhere. Then you can add a new small pot.

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If you are planning to grow a living plant on it, you can add some stitch marks on the neck of the bottle to drain the water when you water the plants. This is good, but I prefer to just use a small planter or the nursery pod they put in to add it to my planters. That way, it’s easy to pick it up and put it in the garden or in a larger pot later.

cream brick wall with twine planter holding red flowers

Supplies are needed

potted plant water bottle and hole punch on white table

How to Make a Rustic Hanging Planter

Remove the labels and any adhesive from the plastic bottle and clean it thoroughly then place it in air dry. Once it is completely dry, cut the bottle in half, discard the base and place the top half of the bottle including the neck and lid.

craft knife cutting empty water bottle on blue mat

Start with the lid and start attaching the rope to the bottle, wrapping first around the lid, then around the neck, and up to the base of the bottle.

hand wrapping the rope around the neck of the water bottle

Continue to stick it in place until there is about 1 inch left on top of the cut part of the bottle. Once present, stop and cut the rope then glue the end in place.

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rope attached to the water bottle

Now, use a hole punch to make a hole in this open space on both sides of the planter.

hole punch used on the side of the bottle

Place the yarn in each hole, tie it in place, and make a loop of yarn to hang the planter. I used about 15 ″ twine for this.

hand holding a twine loop over the planter

Now, go back to where you stopped wrapping the bottle with yarn and start wrapping and gluing again. This will cover the remaining open space of the bottle and cover where the rope hanger is looped and tied in place.

blue scissors cutting the thread on the side of the twine planter

Now, place the burlap ribbon on the lid and glue it in place. Repeat it around the top edge of the planter, gluing the lace in place.

lace ribbon wrapped around the neck of the thread wrapped in a bottle of water

Then, make a bow out of the lace ribbon and attach it to the center of the planter.

If desired, add a bead or other small bow in the middle of this bow.

twine and lace planter placed on white table

Add fake or live plants inside and hang if desired!

poison wrapped bottle planter hanging on tree

Easier Garden Decoration

If you want to add planters or decorations to your garden, then below you will find some more of my favorites that look great hanging or sitting inside and outside your home. Add live or fake flowers to these plants and make them a beautiful piece of statement. Be sure to bookmark the ideas, print the instructions, or pin them on a gardening or crafting board on Pinterest!

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Reach: 1

poison wrapped bottle planter hanging on tree

Make this rustic twine wrapped plastic bottle hanging on the planter in minutes! A perfect way to have flowers to hang indoors or outdoors!

Active Time
20 minutes

Total Time
20 minutes


Estimated Cost
$ 3


  1. Cut a plastic bottle in half, continuing the tip of the neck.
  2. Starting with the lid, glue the twine or jute, and start twisting it around the bottle.
  3. Continue, sticking in place every few inches, until all but 1 inch of the bottle is covered. rope attached to the water bottle
  4. On the sides of the empty space, punch a hole.
  5. Then, tie the rope to these holes and tie them to ensure a handle is made for the planter.
  6. Now, go back to the open 1 ”and cover it with rope as well.
  7. Next, glue a strip of lace ribbon to the top edge of the bottle. lace ribbon held along edgeo f planter
  8. Now, attach a strip of ribbon to the neck/lid part of the bottle/planter.
  9. Then, make a bow out of the ribbon, and glue it to the middle of the planter. hands holding a lace bow in front of the planter
  10. Top it with a small bead or small bow. red twine planter flowers hanging on brick wall

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Completed Project Gallery

planter flowers hanging on white wicker chair with blue pillow

Add potted plants in it and change them every time!

water bottle planter hanging on cream brick wall

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