Rustic Wood Slice Snowman Winter Decor

Making a snowman cut out of wood for your holiday decoration is a simple and cute idea. This is the perfect snowman decoration for your home this holiday season. I love the idea of ​​doing this with the kids to create a new holiday memory, or even as a gift to a teacher, grandparent, or friend. Customize your snowman to fit your style and make it a fun addition to your regular holiday decor!

wooden slice snowman with green and red ribbon scarf

Wood Slice Snowman

I love this simple wood slice snowman. With a few cuts of wood circles, these snowmen are easy to make and look great around the house. Whether you make one that just sits on a shelf or make several of them to decorate around the house, you will have a beautiful one unique decoration. No two pieces of wood are the same and that means your snowman is unlike any other!

I love snowmen as part of the holiday decorating theme, and this year you can add tons of it from this wood slice snowman to a flower pot snowman on the front balcony or even on it can snowman in your robe. Add some fake snow around them and give your house a little cool outside inside!

red holiday snowflake background behind wooden slice snowman

Where Can I Get Wood Cuts?

If you have a tree that is cut down with branches you can easily cut yourself. In fact, cutting the branches of one of your trees is the easiest way to get tree cuttings. Just use the chainsaw and cut the branch into small circles to make the snowman.

If there are no tree branches around you can use, you can also buy tree cuttings. Craft shops and the local convenience store are the easiest ways to find wood chips. You can also get it on Amazon. Sometimes, large box stores, such as Walmart, carry processed wood chips. I’ve even seen them in multiple batches on Etsy that others have cut from their own backyard.

wooden snowman next to greenery and white candle

How Do I Make My Face a Snowman?

The wood -cut snowman has the most handsome face. If you want to go over the quickest way to make the face you can use a black paint pen or permanent marker. If you are a little more artistic, you can also use some acrylic craft paint for this project. An eye to detail can give your snowman a truly unique personality with just a few changes made using paint.

If you’re not as good at drawing or painting for free, there are other ideas below that are great for making a snowman’s face look amazing.

  • Use a stencil to paint or draw parts into the wood cut.
  • Cut pieces of foam paper into the shapes of the eyes, mouth, and nose. I like those with sticky backing so they peel and stick to the wood.
  • Use eye, mouth, and nose stickers or carrots to create a snowman look.
  • Replace the eyes with googly eyes for a more imaginative look at your snowman.
  • Use fabric or felt pieces from the scrap fabric you already have.

Just use your imagination and make your snowman have a fun personality with just a few changes to their face!

wooden snowman against red box with white wood

How Do I Customize My Wood Slice Snowman?

There are many ways to customize this snowman. It’s about using what you already have, as well as some of your natural creativity. Below are some other ideas to use.

  • You can easily change his hat. Use something other than wood chips for his hat. You can also paint the hat black.
  • Add arms. Use the branches for his arms. Make a broom in his hand using another tree branch and some pine needles.
  • Paint him white. For now she will look natural, but you can paint her solid white or you can white the wood to give it a different look.
  • Add the holly. You can add the saint to his hat, to his scarf, or to his hands.
  • Use a stick for the nose. Cut or trim the small piece of branch and glue it to the surface of the snowman cut wood.
  • If experienced, you can use a wood burner to add detail to the snowman’s face and body.

holiday wooden snowman sitting at white table

Can I Hang It on My Tree?

This wood slice snowman is very heavy. It looks great like a tree decoration. However, you will need a strong and heavy hook hook to hang it on the tree. You need, too, small slices of wood to make it hang.

The best way to show off the snowman is on your shelves or in the coat. It’s also great to look at in a Christmas village or around the train village. Since it’s wood, it can stay out but you’ll want to use something else as a scarf to make sure it doesn’t wear out or mold.

wooden slice snowman on wooden table with green holiday scarf

Supplies are needed

wooden ribbon slices and white table markers

How To Make A Wood Slice Snowman

If necessary, look 1/2 ″ from the base of one of the larger slices of wood to make it flat at the bottom.

Glue a medium-sized cut of wood on top of the larger flat-base cut of wood to create a snowman body.

hands holding pieces of wood on the white table

Draw and fill 3 circles in the lower half to make “buttons”.

hand drawing black circles at the base of the snowman

Then, make a face by drawing 2 circles for the eyes and fill them with black marker. Then draw a smile under the eyes.

hand holding a black marker smiling at wooden slice on snowman's face

And add a little carrot-shaped nose using the orange marker.

hand drawing an orange nose on a cut of wood

Cut a length of green holiday-themed ribbon and tie it in the middle of the “neck” to make a scarf.

finger holding holiday ribbon on wooden snowman

Glue a short piece of tree branch on top of a piece of wood to create a hat shape.

finger holding a piece of wood over the cut of wood

Then, stick this hat on top of the snowman’s head.

hand holding wooden hat on top of wooden slice snowman

Now you can add more decorations or just show it off on your dress!

More Snowman Decorations

There are definitely many ideas to add snowmen to your holiday decorations. Below are some great ideas you can make and add to your holiday and winter decorations this year. Make sure you bookmark, print the tutorials, or pin them to a holiday-themed Pinterest board.

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wooden slice snowman on wooden table with green holiday scarf

Let this rustic wood slice snowman be the perfect winter or Christmas decoration to fit a country chic style! Easy-to-make woodcraft that everyone will be excited about at your holiday table!

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20 minutes


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Paint the wood slices white if you want to give them a more traditional snowman look.

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Completed Project Gallery

wooden slice snowman on white table with red background

Make it in several sizes for a small snowman family!

holiday place setting with white candle next to wood slice snowman

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