Sabrina Spellman Heads to Riverdale

Riverdale there is a mysterious new resident!

Fans of Sabrina’s Chilling Adventures Destroyed when the four-season series aired its final episode in December 2020. And even if the show never returns, viewers can be comforted by the fact that its main character. On Thursday, October 7, Sabrina herself, actress Kiernan Shipka, revealed evidence in the Instagram photo He left Greendale behind and landed in the neighboring town of Riverdale.

Specifically, the Men Who Are Crazy The alum shared a photo of herself from the set, sitting in a chair dressed up, ”Sabrina Spellman. Riverdale. “Shipka wore a black lace dress and the same headband, an elemental theme for her character.

“From Greendale to Riverdale,” he wrote alongside the image. “We’re in Season 6.”

We can’t say we were surprised by Shipka’s addition to the show, as Sabrina’s Chilling Adventures also based on a Archie comic series and grown on Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

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