Saffire Matos returns to IG Following Ronnie’s Arrest

Saffire has brought him back to both Instagram and everyday life since Ronnie was arrested. She posted a series of photos on her Instagram Story.

Jersey Shore Star Ronnie Ortiz Magro’s girlfriend Saffire Matos is back on social media following the latest domestic violence incident. Saffire has spent the past few days delighting herself with a fresh set of nails and a face as well as trying to bring new clients to the scar.

Saffire’s return to social media comes almost two weeks later Ronnie is in custody due to allegations of domestic violence. At the first start of the news about Ronnie’s arrest, fans questioned whether Saffire or Ronnie’s ex Jenn Harley was involved in the incident. Jenn’s new boyfriend Joe soon confirmed that Jenn was not involved. Law enforcement later revealed that Saffire was in fact the one calling for help after a heated argument turned physical. Ronnie was released the same day on $ 100,000 bail.

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Just days after Ronnie’s most recent arrest, both he and Saffire took to social media to release individual statements about the incident. As Ronnie thanks his true friends, Saffire admits they did just fine. He has been quiet from social media. Now, Saffire is finally back Instagram with a series of Instagram Stories. Saffire urged his followers to direct him to the message on Thursday if they are interested in scheduling an aka lash appointment. She also showed off afterwards her fresh set of light pink nails with a white pattern. Saffire also posted his first selfie since the domestic violence incident. Even if he looks to be in good spirits, he hasn’t posted anything on his actual feed yet.

After marking the salon where he received a face from, it is thought that Saffire was at home in New York; however, on Friday, he shared a photo of the palms. Because of this fans believe he flew back to Los Angeles, where Ronnie now lives. While some stories have returned to Saffire on Instagram since his statement was released after the fight, he hasn’t completely distanced himself from social media. Earlier this week, Saffire allegedly posted a The Tik Tok video bashing Ronnie for the benefit of his treatment of her. In the already deleted video, Saffire called him, saying he was staying by his side when everyone was told to run. The video goes on to say that he is still loved if he is not loved. Fans called the short video immature and small.

Since the latest drama surrounding Ronnie and Saffire took place, Jersey Shore MTV fans helped fire Ronnie out of the show. They fear for Saffire’s safety as well as any other women who might be romantically involved in the future. Ronnie also remained silent on social media except for releasing his statement days after his arrest. Neither Ronnie nor Saffire took any photos of the same from their social media accounts; however, Saffire actually turned off the commenting function. The current state of Ronnie and Saffire’s relationship is unknown.

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