Saint West Looks To Release New Kim Kardashian Photos

Saint West everyone is mature!

The five -year -old did a beauty photoshoot with mom Kim Kardashian on May 7, 2021 to begin Mothers Day weekend Kim captioned the series on Instagram photos with a rocket and blue heart emoji. Clearly their love for each other was ready to “blast off” as Kim watched the worship of her second oldest child. Saint even gave Kim a bite on the cheek before Kim hugged him rolling on the ground. Aw!

A lying Kim duck faces the entire four sweet snapshots, and the founder of SKIMS offers gray pants with charcoal sweatpants and white sneakers for a comfortable monochromatic look. chic. Saint looks equally stylish in cut-off sweat shorts and a beige jersey top. Fans commented on how great Kim’s “mama’s boy” looks in her past photos.

Saint first made headlines during quarantine after him gives himself a new haircut on New Year’s Eve. By May 2021, she is already sporting braids and Kim will never be bored!

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