Samsung’s New Hub to Control SmartThings Homes is ready

The Samsung Home Hub, announced at CES, is a touchscreen device designed like a tablet for controlling appliances under the SmartThings ecosystem.

Announced at Consumer Electronics Show 2022, the Samsung Home Hub is a tablet that controls Samsung’s suite of SmartThings smart home appliances. The concept of an intelligent display hub for controlling smart home appliances has been around for several years now. For example, Google has a Nest Hub for managing Google Home devices, and Amazon’s Echo Show smart display line, which comes in a variety of sizes, can be used to control Alexa-powered devices.

However, not everyone got on the train. For example, while Google and Amazon have several smart display hubs, Apple has yet to announce one. While others may not see the need for a smart display hub since at all Smart home devices can be controlled from a phone or tablet, with a central device that everyone in the house has access to better understand.


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The Samsung Home Hub is very different from other smart display hubs. Unlike the Google Nest Hub and Amazon Echo Show displays combined with a large speaker unit, The Samsung device an 8.4-inch tablet that can be operated from its port or used for travel. It also means it has a built-in battery and doesn’t need to be plugged into a wall socket before it can operate. The port doesn’t appear to be able to do more than charge the tablet. Another important difference between the Samsung Home Hub and the smart displays from Amazon and Google is that it doesn’t have double duty or even triple duty working as a smart speaker and TV for watching movies and films. It has Bixby pre-installed, but that’s only for controlling smart home appliances by voice.

AI And SmartThings Work Together

Users will be able to connect and manage all of their products in the SmartThings ecosystem from the Samsung Home Hub. They can create routines for appliances as well as see their statuses right from the device. However, that’s only half what it can do. Samsung says the Home Hub has customized SmartThings services based on artificial intelligence which simplifies tasks and tasks. For example, SmartThings Cooking will provide the option to find, plan, purchase and prepare meals using the Family Hub refrigerator.

SmartThings Clothing Care connected to the washing machine or dryer will provide custom care options based on the type of clothing, usage patterns, and weather. There is also SmartThings Energy which analyzes usage patterns and help save on energy bills. However, the most interesting is the SmartThings Home Care Wizard, which monitors connected appliances and notifies owners when a part needs to be replaced and provides assistance if something goes wrong. Samsung revealed that it will launch Home Hub first in Korea and then worldwide afterwards, but it hides a sealed lip on price.

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