Samuel L. Jackson Calls Mace Windu Shirt In Honor of Star Wars Day

Samuel L. Jackson displayed a Mace Windu shirt on his Instagram page in honor of May the Fourth, also officially known as Star Wars Day.

Samuel L. Jackson calls a shirt Mace Windu in honor of Star Wars day. Jackson plays the Jedi master, Mace Window, sa Star Wars prequel trilogy. Mace ended his end during the turbulent events of Revenge of the Sith, after finding himself uncovering the evil true identity of Chancellor Palpatine, Darth Sidious. Jackson has always been a big one Star Wars fan, as evidenced in a behind-the-scenes video of the iconic actor asking George Lucas for a purple light during the filming for the prequel trilogy.

Mace Windu remains a fan-favorite to this day, even as the prequels themselves continue to receive a mixed response from fans and critics alike from the first premiere until now. However, fans continue to speculate on how he will return. Before Luke Skywalker made his appearance on the Mandalorian, a popular fan theory is that Mace will act as Baby Yoda’s Jedi mentor. Of course Mace didn’t show up The Mandalorian, but there is another fan theory that he survived his apparent death Revenge of the Sith. Samuel L. Jackson himself said he believed Windu was alive what appears to be a fatal fall and he has to hide somewhere like Yoda or Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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Jackson continues its tradition of being one of the coolest Star Wars fans have by sharing a Mace Windu shirt he wore on his Instagram page. The shirt has a fun quote, with Jackson saying his choice of clothing is respected. Star Wars day. The question is, can Jackson’s Mace Windu shirt be purchased? Check cool Star Wars shirt below:

Jackson’s love for Star Wars infectious. He has said before that he wants to come back as Mace Windu. This is definitely epic for Mace to get himself Star Wars Disney Plus series as really expected Kenobi series now in production. Or maybe even more meaningful in storytelling terms Windu will introduce a surprise. Kenobi. After all, Luke Skywalker’s most secret appearance last season 2 was The Mandalorian definitely one of the best parts of entertainment in 2020.

Imagine entering a Mace Windu Kenobi, with his famous purple lightsaber announcing his arrival. It’s always a risk to bring back a character who was allegedly killed, but if anyone deserves return to-universe for Bituon Wars, this is Samuel L. Jackson. The plot has to make sense to be wise of course, and there is the question of how Mace was actually killed before the events of Star Wars: A New One hOPE, because the character does not appear in the original trilogy.

That’s what makes it even more fun Star Wars. The franchise has endless opportunities for characters old and new, and it’s good that famous artists like Jackson are still loved and celebrated. Star Wars years after the films first appeared. May the Fourth be with Star Wars fandom this year, and always.

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