San Francisco is gearing up for “truly a brutal [weather] system”

As it continues to clean up from a downpour over the New Year’s weekend, San Francisco is bracing for an even bigger storm that meteorologists warn could be catastrophic.

The Bay area office of the National Weather Service issued a blunt and dire warning to citizens in a statement, saying the storm, which is currently forecast to begin peaking Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, could g will bring flooding and loss of life.

“Simply put, this is likely one of the most impactful large-scale systems meteorologists have seen in a long time,” the warning read. “Effects will include widespread flooding, washed-out roads, hillside collapses, downed trees (may be full of trees), widespread power outages, immediate commercial disruptions, and worst of all all, likely loss of human life. This is a brutal system that we look at and must take seriously.”

A flood watch has been issued for the entire Bay Area from 4:00 a.m. Wednesday until 4:00 p.m. Thursday, with some areas expecting up to 10 inches of rain. Wind gusts are expected to reach 50 mph, equivalent to a moderate tropical storm. It is expected to peak between Wednesday afternoon and midnight.

The storms come after downtown San Francisco saw 5.46 inches of rain on New Year’s Eve, the second wettest day the city has ever seen.

Despite the rains and what is expected this week, however, the state will remain in a drought, after three of the driest on record.

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