Sarah Michelle Gellar Shares A Look At Daughter’s Birthday Party

The faces of Charlotte and her friends were covered in the photos. Sarah and Freddie—also a child Rocky James Prinze10—do not always post photos of their children on social media but cover their faces when they do to protect their privacy.

However, Charlotte made a unusual public appearance with her mom at the screening for Sarah’s new movie Take Revengewhich also has a part Camila Mendez and sparrow Hawkelast week.

Before Charlotte’s 13th birthday on Sept. 19, Sarah admitted that Now Parents that this is not an easy age.

“I know firsthand how hard it is to be a girl in middle school,” she told the outlet on September 16. “And I don’t have social media to contend with. I think it’s about being a good listener, because no one wants advice from their parents.”

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