Say No to Ambition | Jim Daly

Every day society offers a distorted idea about what is valuable. And often, we buy into the hype. Parents are working longer and harder in the endless quest for bigger houses, newer cars, and the latest technology. Eventually, the things we own overshadow what really matters. And what really matters will decrease.

We need ambition. But, more than that, we need our ambition to be managed by bigger priorities: namely our marriage and our family.

More than 150 years ago, an unnamed soldier wrote a poem focusing on life. He said:

“I ask for strength that I may attain; I became weak so that I could humbly follow.

“I ask for health that I may do great things; I was given sickness so that I could do better things.

“I ask for riches so that I may be happy; Poverty was given to me so that I could be wise.”

We can’t do everything. Saying yes to something requires us to say no to something else. We say yes to one more client, one more project at home, or to work just a few hours. But every “yes” to ambition is equal to “no” in our families.

As the saying goes: “Keep the main thing the main thing.” Our careers and possessions are useful, but our families are precious. If we believe that, we will put aside our distractions and become more intentional, living each moment focused on what is truly valuable.

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