Scheana’s Fiancé As She ‘Abandoned’ Her Children

Scheana Shay’s fiancé Brock Davies has finally revealed some of the facts behind his last wedding on the Vanderpump Rules stage this week.

Scheana Shay’s fiancé Brock Davies finally revealed some of the facts behind his last wedding on stage this week on Vanderpump Rules. Scheana’s love life will never go on without a little drama. Fans of the show watched the new mother go from a mistress in a love triangle to a heartbroken divorce with a puppy-eyed girlfriend just looking for her life partner. Scheana never avoided going at all, but as a result she finally found one of the hunk in Australia.

Brock recently had a third child with Scheana in April of this year. Their daughter, Summer Moon Davies, is considered a rainbow child after Scheana’s horrific baby abduction in 2020. The 6-month-old was one of many children born to past and present cast members last year. A few months after welcoming their set of cheers, rumors of participation began to make waves in the media. They were a happy couple who confirmed the news in July. While highlighting the current season, the focus of the interviews was their future wedding plans, however, the time came for Scheana, who signed a pre-nup before their engagement, to address the elephant inside.

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On Tuesday’s stage Vanderpump Rules, Scheana and Lala Kent’s daughters met for the very first time. During the greeting of the sleeping children, Scheana and Brock opened up to Lala and her fiancé Randall Emmett about her past family, knowing she has not seen her first two children, Eli and Winter, since she moved to America and separated from their mother of four. years ago. Even if the time gap was shocking, Brock literally dropped Lala’s jaw when he confirmed that he had never had contact with his children in the years that he hadn’t had a chance to even FaceTime them in Australia. After the conversation, Brock admitted that he did not deserve to be contacted by his family because he felt he wanted to. “abandoned” they. “I feel like I have to want to accept it because I’m the one who moved to America, you know. I moved here,” as he.

In a confession, Brock provided a little more background in her shocked background, it was revealed that she had her first child when she was only 20 years old. Although he admits that he really is “a different person” back then, it was still so heavy on her that she hadn’t seen her kids since she dropped out of Denver airport and took a farewell photo. In her own confession, Scheana tried to protect her man by writing “many more” in the story, and Brock’s lack of contact “not for lack of testing.” Scheana immediately reminded the audience that she first moved to the country to provide a better life for her family.

Even if Brock and his ex both moved, the kids wouldn’t have to suffer. It’s also as if there’s a lot more to this story as well Scheana means a fight between him and Brock’s ex on behalf of their daughter. Brock’s partner is said to have been shocked by Summer’s name because his first daughter was named Winter, and the pattern made it seem like he was trying to replace her. Either way, Vanderpump Rules Fans are there for a dramatic treat this season as this story continues to unfold.

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