Scrap Wood Footed Charcuterie Board

Made by Hand Holiday 2021

It’s time to give! I partnered with Jaime Costiglio which will bring you a new free gift plan, every Friday for 12 weeks leading up to Christmas! Over the years, we’ve provided hundreds of plans, many of which you can do with scrap wood. See the entire Handbuilt Holiday Collection is here.

This is our last Handbuilt Holiday plan in 2021, and it’s easy enough to complete at Christmas, and not expensive to leave as a hostess gift. Most anyone is grateful for this one!

DIY Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are a fun staple, the perfect base and backdrop for a beautiful edible collage. But the charcuterie board itself – the wood board – can be hundreds of dollars! You can build your own using scrap wood for free.

This DIY tutorial guides you on how to cut scrap wood to make a Charcuterie board.

DIY charcuterie board

To tie all the boards, we added a foot base:

DIY charcuterie board

So just cut your boards, glue them together, and glue the boards to the bottom. It’s so easy!

DIY Charcuterie Board Plans

You can use any combination of 1x thick board, but I want to provide a specific cutting list as well (using 1 – 1x2x8 and 1-1x3x8).

Place your top planks, with the handle extended outwards.

Measure and cut the “foot” board at the bottom.

Nail and glue the 1×2 foot boards to the bottom using 1-1/4 ”brad nails.

diy charcuterie board plansAdvanced Method: If you want your board to be more beautiful, you can put 1×2 on the bottom. For more details, go visit Jaime Costiglio’s Build Post.

More photos and making tips at Jaime

Finish: Use a butcher block finish or other food safe finish.

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Scrap Wood Footed Charcuterie Board

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