Scream Star Explains How the Ghostface Phone Call Scene was Filmed

Jenna Ortega, one of the stars of the upcoming fifth Scream film, explains how she filmed a scene with the voice of Ghostface, Roger L. Jackson.

Yelling The 2022 star, Jenna Ortega, recounted how she shot a Ghostface phone call scene in the upcoming slasher film. Since it was first launched in 1996, by Wes Craven Yelling sequentially grew beyond anyone’s expectations. Originally shot as a one-off, low-budget teen slasher, Craven’s efforts began a new era for the genre. Within two years after the successful release of Yelling, he delivered the first of what will be three sequels.

Following the release in 2011 Siyagit 4, Craven repeatedly spoke about the possibility of a fifth entry. Unfortunately, the terrible celebrity died in 2015, and many fans (as well as the original Yelling Cast members) felt there was no way the series would have continued without Craven. Fast forward to a decade, and the fifth Yelling it’s only been a few days since its official release, much to the delight of fans. While returning to the aspects that made the original film such a favorite was a priority in directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, a few things about the series are given. The cool phone relationship between the Ghostface killer and his victims has always been a part of the franchise, and within every opening sequence to date, the ringing of a phone can only mean something to the fans: a new victim.


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So far, the details about most of Yelling The plan for 2022 is almost unknown, as Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett have made many efforts to keep things completely secret. However, despite the lengths to keep the audience’s guesswork, one thing to draw from the film’s trailers and promotional campaign so far is that Ortega’s Tara Carpenter character has spent some phone time with Ghostface killer. Whether or not this is really the opening sequence of the film remains unknown, but according to ColliderOrtega’s recent interview highlights, just participating in a scene opposite Roger L. Jackson’s iconic Ghostface voice is a challenge and a treat. Read Ortega’s explanation below:

“It’s a tough one, especially because in this scene there’s mostly a landline and then there’s also the cell phone with social media apps and iMessage and that’s all. So it’s like playing two different scenes, which is kind of complicated and tricky, especially when prop phones, you press the wrong button and it will take you to the videos of the soldiers welcome to home from the war with these German Shepherds and really sweet, cute videos if you’re trying to get serious and give it an awesome show.So there are a lot of technicalities and weird stuff. like that, but let me say that the trick is – I don’t know, it’s really easy if you have Mr. [Roger L.] Jackson on the phone doing the actual voice and never breaking the character in the middle is necessary to keep you humble and present. That’s why I say get yourself a real Ghostface. ”

Shared image of Casey in Scream, Ghostface in Scream, & Kirby on the phone in Scream 4.

not Yelling the film is complete without Jackson’s voice, and no matter how long the time passes between sequels, Jackson’s Ghostface voice will always bring back fans from the first time they heard it. Throughout the year, the killers of Yelling Movies are always different, but thanks to the voice changer introduced in the first film, Jackson was able to remain part of the franchise. In a film series that prides itself on throwbacks to the history of horror, that voice becomes strong as a classic element in its own right.

Currently, early reviews of Yelling became positive, leaving fans with hope that this is the film worthy of the franchise. Previous sequels have all failed to match the magic of the first Yelling film, so it’s understandable why this latest series is preferred as a refreshing one throughout the series. It seems that everything is already in place for a new season Yelling, and at the very least, fans know they can rely on Ghostface to keep things scary and fun.

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Source: Collider

  • Scream 5 (2022)Release date: Jan 14, 2022

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