Season 2 Reunion Outfit Photos Criticized By Fans

The cast of RHOSLC revealed the season 2 reunion look and the fans were not impressed. Velvet, feathers and heavy embellishments encouraged harsh criticism.

the Real Housewives In Salt Lake City revealed their season two reunion look and fans criticized the women’s choices. Viewers of the housewives franchises focused on these annual wrap-ups not only to watch Bravo chief Andy Cohen mediate post-season cat fights, but to see also what the women wore. Generally speaking, the looks at the reunion are overwhelming and always confuse the audience ”what do they think?“Last year RHOSLC looks, which range from shades of blush to gold to maroon, have encouraged a lot of negative comments. Meredith Marks ’choice, a gold one The tuxedo -themed dress pierced with a sharp V at the waist, attracted particular outrage from fans.


As loyal viewers of housewives know, owning a wardrobe similar to an upscale designer boutique is par for the course for most women. Lisa Vanderpump shows off an island dripping with expensive jewelry, Tiffany Moon’s purses are shown as fine art, and Heather Dubrow pushes a button that results in a glass of champagne being delivered to her. These luxurious rooms with seating areas, glass display cases and 360 degree mirrors covering walk-in closets are always the envy of their fellow stars. Nice dressing rooms, exploded at Chanel’s jaws Pumps, Versace dresses and many Hermès Birken bags are a source of pride for these women.

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The short wardrobe, which clearly endorses the use of velvet colored jewelry, extravagant decorations and colorful feathers was embraced by all cast members except Mary Cosby, who decided to skip it. the reunion after the drag for his recent racist comments. . The appearance of new Jennie Nguyen is said to be “giving a millennial prom, “and one commentator summarized the general contempt for the whole, commenting that”this is probably the worst in the history of housewives.“Whitney Rose lightened her deep green gown with something Wicked ones Elphaba will dress up, tweet, “I accept limitations because someone says they are.

Although these women have access to good fashion, the True Housewives in Salt Lake City already tanked again coming into their season two reunion appearance. Perhaps the biggest disappointment though, is that Mary was not sitting on one of the couches for the latest tell-all. Ready to announce what luxury brands she’s wearing at any given time, Mary’s wardrobe options are constantly criticized by fans and fellow cast members. Alas, Mary stans left to guess what she will wear this year she joins. These women seem to be intent on proving that no matter how many assistants they employ, how many boutiques they own, and how many designers they are friends with, good taste cannot be bought.

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