Season 4 Ending Sequence

The Roys called it, according to HBO following will end in the upcoming fourth season.

Thursday (February 23), creator of the series Jesse Armstrong revealed (through The New Yorker) that the decision to end the series was a creative one, saying that after meeting with the writers for the series:

I said, “Look, I think it might be necessary. But what do you think?” And we’re playing with different scenarios: We could do a couple of short seasons, or two more seasons. Or we could go on for ages and turn the show into something different, and be a it’s a very rangy, free kind of fun show, where there are good weeks and bad weeks. Or we can do something more muscular and complete, and come out strong. And that’s I always wanted to.

following has become one of HBO’s most popular and acclaimed series, with 48 Emmy nominations and 12 wins, including two consecutive Emmys for Outstanding Drama Series. In recent years, there has been constant speculation that the show will end in Season 5, although no timeline has been confirmed, and star Brian Cox said The Times in September 2022 with no deals made for a fifth season.

In Armstrong’s interview with The New Yorkerhe revealed that while “I think this series of stories that we’re telling is complete,” there’s a chance that the world of following Can live in: “I kept the end of the show, when I talked to some of my colleagues, like: Maybe there’s another part of the world that we can go back to, if there’s an urge? Maybe there’s something else that can be done, that can be used what’s good about the way we work on it.”

For now, we can expect the beginning of the end, when following returns to HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, March 26.

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