Season 42 Ends Fiji’s International Flight Ban

Survivors of season 42 were delayed after Fiji extended an international flight ban. Season 41 contestants could be pinned if the ban continues in place.

SAVED Season 42 was delayed after Fiji extended the ban on all international fights. The crew is in the middle of the filming period of 41 of the long -running reality competition series, which was delayed by a year due to coronavirus disease. Under normal circumstances, Survivor can film both of those seasons over and over again last year and then air it last fall and last spring. But due to strict health and safety protocols brought about by the pandemic disease, crews were not allowed inside Fiji for several months.

Production has only just begun in the 41st period, with host Jeff Probst confirming the news on social media in March when he said, “I’m excited to tell you all that Survivor is back in production and I’ll see you on the island for Survivor 41!” The reality series also began in 2000, with two seasons each year. Once Survivor can finally start making a new season, it’s as if the twice-a-year plan is back to square one.

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Agreed to Inside Survivor, however, Fiji has extended the ban on international fights, delaying the making of Survivor season 42. Although some countries have managed to curb the coronavirus, India is now experiencing a number of cases. This is a big reason why Fiji has made the latest decision on flights. The ban is now set to end on May 9 but it will not be lifted until the influx is controlled.

Since everything is in the air right now, it’s not known when SAVED Season 42 could begin filming. The contestants were recently supposed to fly to Fiji and quarantine for 14 days until filming starts at some point in May. Those flights never happened, thoughts. But it’s not just the 42nd season that can be affected. Filming of season 41 is set to end soon. But if the ban on international travel hadn’t been lifted to that point, the current group of competitors would no longer be able to fly home.

It’s really frustrating to listen to that The survivor experienced many delays, after fans got their hopes up recently. If players competing in season 41 are stuck in Fiji for a while, that could add to production costs. Maybe Survivor should bring the same groups to the country at the same time. Clearly the makers at the time were unaware that they would experience another delay, and this was probably not the most feasible option for the feuds themselves, as they would have to be no longer too far away from their family.

A couple of fans noticed in the comments section of the Inside Survivor article that Survivor should only air during season 42 in the United States, possibly in Hawaii. The series never filmed indoors, so it’s an interesting idea. (Afterwards, the survival show Naked and Afraid aired some episodes inside the US) But the problem is that the flight ban means that neither Probst nor the crew can leave Fiji to return to the States. Literally every person with a role in the location stopped; not just contestants. Hopefully, the ban will be lifted soon SAVED may continue again. More importantly than that, removing the ban will also mean controlling the outbreak, and that could be good news for the health and safety of everyone in India and other countries around the world.

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Origin: Inside Survivor

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