See Elizabeth Olsen’s Funny Comment About Chris Evans and Danielle Haim

Elizabeth Olsen probably needs his superpower to pass this polygraph test.

On May 13, the WandaVision star sat in the hot seat while Vanity Fair he was subjected to a real life lie detector test. Even if Elizabeth takes her answers more seriously (and honestly!), She reveals some interesting facts about her real thinking about some of his Hollywood peers, including Danielle Haim and Chris Evans.

The interviewer began the experiment by reminding the Marvel actress that she had previously referred to Danielle as “scared” — whom she had known since high school. Elizabeth described him as “a very talented man” with a “very good vibe.”

Elizabeth was immediately asked her opinion about Danielle’s acting skills. (The singer has a small role in Licorice pizza, starring his sister Alana Haim.)

“Daniel just came in Licorice Pizza“said the interviewer.” Do you think you’re a better actor than him? “

While laughing, Elizabeth replied, “Yes,” adding, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Danielle. I hope she agrees.”

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