See Explosive Pump Rules by Lala Kent and Charli Burnett

Seems like not all of the Vanderpump Rules same applies …

Charli Burnett and Lala Kent go at it in double standards between Bravo Stars in an exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s episode, which airs Oct. 5th.

When did it all start James Kennedy apologizes for his past wild child ways on the path of redemption. “I don’t want to come out as the couple where I just take him down, drag him down, I’m the problem kid in the relationship,” James admits. “And he just always puts a cap on me or fixes my mistakes. It’s not good that it shows me.”

At a confession, James’s fiancée Raquel Leviss added, “And it doesn’t look good to me, like I might be the most, most beautiful person but oh, her lover is pretty crazy.”

Tom Schwartz praised James ’emotional growth and self -awareness. “Two years ago, I would have said it was –– a damaged royal record,” revealed the co-founder of TomTom. “I should have just listened with one ear and rolled my eyes. But right now I feel like, s –– t, you’ve gotten through.”

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