See how big the cast of stranger things is today

The kids from Hawkins, Indiana are grown up.

When Stranger Things premiered on Netflix in July 2016, premiered on Netflix in July 2016, viewers were introduced to a cast composed of mostly unknown young actors. Now, almost six years later, it’s almost impossible to even call them kids.

Millie Bobby Brown, whose portrayal of Eleven earned her two Emmy nominations, was just 12 years old when the series began filming. Today 18, Millie went out with her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi at the season four premiere on May 14.

When Gaten Matarazzo appearing as Dustin for the first time, he’s a 14-year-old face kid. Gaten is 18 now and then recently cast the role of Jared on Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway.

Finn Wolfhard 13 also when he first played Mike for the first time. Finn is now 19 years old and leads the role in 2021 Ghostbusters: After Life. Meanwhile, Noah Schnappwhich would lead to Will Byers, just 11 years old when Stranger Things started filming. He is now 17 and then recently accepted to Ivy League’s University of Pennsylvania.

Caleb McLaughlin, who will take on Lucas, 14 during the show’s first season, which means he’s already 20 years old. They grow so fast! And we feel very old.

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