See Kylie Jenner’s Message on Postpartum Hormones After Welcoming a Child

Kylie Jenner began to feel himself again.

On May 12, the 24-year-old reality star shared a video on TikTok that gave fans more insight into what she is. postpartum struggles as since welcoming the child No. 2 others Travis Scott in February.

In the clip, with the caption, “when your postpartum hormones start to level out,” Kylie uses a sound bite from her 2017 reality show, Kylie’s life, to convey his feelings. “I’m getting my personality back though like,” she mouthed, midugang, “I’m feeling like myself again. I really wasn’t myself.”

This isn’t the first time Kylie — a mother to 4-years-old Stormi Webster– open to her postpartum struggles since welcoming her child, whose name has not yet been disclosed.

“I just want to tell my mothers after giving birth postpartum is not easy“She started a series of videos posted on her Instagram Story in March.” It was an experience for me, personally, more difficult than for my daughter. “

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