See Leah Remini Accusing Ellen of “Acting Interested” Before She Was Beaten

Leah Remini | and Ellen DeGeneres clearly there is no problem telling each other how they really feel.

The 51-year-old King of Queens alum visit The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, October 5, where Leah entered the Halloween spirit by quipping the host as “normal for a parent to fear dirt from their children.” Leah and husband Angelo Pagan17-year-old daughter, Sofia, now a senior high school.

During the relatively long story, Leah shows a photo of a mask that she and Angelo took in an attempt to scare Sofia, even though it appears that the teenager is hard to scare. Leah still remembers a time when she hid her assistant in the car of the star dance instructor.

“One of my teachers was there, and I was wearing my assistant in my pigtails …,” Leah said before abruptly cutting the anecdote.

Leah apparently didn’t know how to read Ellen’s face and went on to tell the host, “No, because you’re really interested. So, like, I don’t know if you did that thing where you were. , like, in my story, so that … “

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