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Great Sean34, ug Jhene AikoThe 34-year-old was stunned on Saturday, when they toured Beverly Hills, CA and put on full display the baby bump of the latter for the first time. Reportedly pregnant MAG SINGER wore a long sleeved gray shirt with white sandals while he happily shopped with the rapper, who wore a white graphic t-shirt, tan pants, and green and white sneakers , in photos shared by TMZ. She pulled her curly hair back into a low ponytail and accessed it with a necklace and bracelets as she added a black and white baseball cap to her look.

Since the couple, who have been together since 2016, have not yet publicly announced a pregnancy, the outing came as a surprise to many. It’s not yet clear how far Jhene is, but she and Sean used to talk about starting a family. They also talked about the possibility of getting married in the future and the beauty once asked the hunk, “Why don’t you marry me ?,” in a 2020 public Instagram live chat, which can be seen below. “It’s in the works,” he replied, leading many fans to believe that an engagement is coming.

Even if a secret partnership has yet to be confirmed, the news of the child is enough to delight fans. Shortly after photos of Jhene’s baby bump surfaced on social media, fans were quick to share reactions to the posts. “Congrats to Jhene and Sean! So happy for them, ”wrote one fan on Twitter, while another shared a funny video of someone crying after being filled with good feelings.

The future bond of happiness is Jhene’s second child and Sean’s first. The doting mama is already engaged to the daughter Namiko Love Browner13, with ex O’Ryan. Although he will share sometimes beautiful photos as a teenager on her Instagram, Jhene tends to keep her first child’s life private.

Big Sean, Jhene Aiko
Jhene Aiko and Big Sean are reportedly expecting their first child. (Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

When they don’t work with their family together, Sean and Jhene work together on music. Talented musicians collaborate on their album, Baynte88, which was released in 2016, at the same time they first started their romance. The album was a success, hitting the number five spot on Billboard 200.

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