See the crazy 90 Day Spin-Off Love in Paradise Trailer

Surf, sand … and soul mates?

The latest (and sexiest!) 90 Day Fiancé spin-off, Love In Paradise: The Caribbean, focuses on whether a vacation break can be a serious matter. The reality docu-soap series follows four couples who find love in the Caribbean and hope to keep the sparks alive in the distance even after the summer is over. From Panama to Costa Rica, Jamaica to Barbados, do these singles want to leave their tropical paradises for their partners?

In an exclusive preview ahead of the series ’premiere on July 18, it looks like the smoky couple’s temptations are everywhere. Based in Illinois Aryan fell for the Jamaican boat tour guide Sherlon while staying at a swingers resort. “Flesh is a weakness,” Sherlon muttered as he watched the other women wearing bikinis. Even a surprise pregnancy leads to unexpected plans – and Aryanna’s friends are skeptical of Sherlon’s intentions.

“A decision made in the heat of paradise time will affect the rest of my life,” Aryanna yells as Sherlon calls their child a “big mistake.”

In Barbados, Martine believes that “people are always trying to throw themselves” at her charismatic DJ boyfriend Steven. “I want Steven to give me a reason to trust him,” explains Martine, who hopes to have a diamond ring alleviate her concerns about Steven’s commitment to be honest.

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