See Tom Sandoval’s Reaction to Tom Schwartz’s “Throuple” Comment

These are the best—and wildest—days of our lives.

That’s since the news broke on March 3rd Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix THERE broke up, Vanderpump Rules Fans are looking for answers about what happened in their nine-year romance. Now, according to the rumors of Sandoval alleged affair with the co-star Rachel Leviss continues to circulate, a recent interview raised more than glasses.

While chatting with E! News of the season 10 premiere party in February, Sandoval and co-star Tom Schwartz asked: If they made a crowd, would anyone in the cast be able to join?

“I’ve never thought about that, to be honest,” Sandoval replied.

Schwartz would beg to differ.

“Didn’t it happen already?” he asked while laughing. “This is a reference to the fifth season.”

Sandoval replied, “Oh yah, It’s Lala [Kent].” In the seventh season, Madix and Sandoval experienced turmoil in their relationship when the TomTom co-owner told his friends a NSFW story involving his girlfriend and Lala. At the time, Ariana said that Tom ” betrayed my trust” to share the story without his permission, although the two eventually did.

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